Euro 2020 Set piece takers

A comprehensive list of the expected Euro 2020 set piece takers
for all international teams. The data has been gathered using OPTA statistics
combined with analysing each country’s fixture history.
Group A
Penalties: Burak Yilmaz, Hakan çalhanoğlu
Direct freekicks: Burak Yilmaz, Hakan çalhanoğlu, Yusuf Yazici/Caner Erkin
Indirect freekicks: Hakan çalhanoğlu, Yusuf Yazici, Caner Erkin
From the left side: Hakan çalhanoğlu, Yusuf Yazici, Caner Erkin
From the right side: Yusuf Yazici, Hakan çalhanoğlu, Caner Erkin
Penalties: Bale, Ramsey
Direct freekicks: Bale, Wilson
Indirect freekicks: Wilson, Bale
From the left side: Wilson, Bale, James
From the right side: Wilson, Bale, James
Note on penalties: Ramsey scored a penalty back in 2017 for Wales. Bale scored a penalty for Wales back in 2016. We assume that Bale is the first choice.
Penalties: Rodriguez, Xhaka
Direct freekicks: Shaqiri, Rodriguez, Xhaka
Indirect freekicks: Shaqiri, Rodfriguez, Vargas
From the left side: Rodriguez, Shaqiri, Vargas
From the right side: Shaqiri, Rodriguez, Vargas
Note on penalties: Note: Ricardo Rodriguez has taken penalties for Switzerland in 2019. He also took a penalty for Switzerland 30th of May 2021 in a friendly against USA. Xhaka has taken a penalty back in 2018.
Penalties: Jorginho, Immobile, Belotti
Direct freekicks: Insigne, Berardi, Bernardeschi
Indirect Freekicks: Insigne, Berardi, Bernadeschi, Sensi
From the left side: Insigne, Berardi, Bernadeschi, Sensi,
From the right side: Insigne, Berardi, Bernardeschi, Sensi
Note on penalties: Jorginho has taken most of the penalties the last years. In March 2021 both Immobile and Belotti scored a penalty, Jorginho did not play those games.
Group B
Penalties: Lukaku, Hazard
Direct freekicks: De Bruyne, Mertens, Hazard, Trossard
Indirect freekicks: De Bruyne, Mertens, Hazard, Trossard
– From the left side: De Bruyne, Hazard, Mertens, Trossard
– From the right side: De Bruyne, Hazard, Mertens, Trossard
Note on penalties: Lukaku has taken the penalties for Belgium the last year. Hazard has been injured when Belgium has played in 2021 and 2020, but he took most of the penalties some years back. We assume Lukaku is the new first choice for Belgium.
Penalties: Dzyuba, Golovin, Sobolev
Direct freekicks: Golovin, Miranchuk, Zhirkov
Indirect freekicks: Golovin, Miranchuk, Kuzyaev/Zhirkov
– From the left side: Golovin, Miranchuk, Kuzyaev
– From the right side: Golovin, Miranchuk, Kuzyaev
Note on penalties: The last penalty awarded for Russia was in a Nations League game in September 2020. This penalty was taken and scored by Dzyuba. He Is also the first choice penalty taker at club level for Zenit, where he has taken a total of 6 penalties in the 20/21 season. (3 scored, 3 missed).
Russia also was awarded a penalty against Bulgaria in a friendly game on 5/6. Both Dzyuba and Golovin were not on the pitch. The penalty was then taken and scored by Sobolev.
Penalties: Eriksen, Wind, Dolberg
Direct freekicks: Eriksen, Wass
Indirect freekicks: Eriksen, Wass, Skov Olsen
– From the left side: Eriksen, Wass, Skov Olsen
– From the right side: Eriksen, Wass, Skov Olsen
Note on penalties: After Eriksen, we assume that Wind will be the second choice. He has taken a lot of penalties for FC Copenhagen this year and scored all of them.
Penalties: Pukki, Pohjanpalo
Direct freekicks: Lod, Toivo, Valakari
Indirect freekicks: Lod, Valakari, Alho
– From the left side: Lod, Valakari, Alho
– From the right side: Lod, Valakari, Alho
Note on penalties: Pukki is the first choice. Pohjanpalo took a penalty for Finland in a friendly game in march 2021 when Pukki did not play.
Group C:
Penalties: Depay, Berghuis
Direct freekicks: Depay, Berghuis
Indirect freekicks: Depay, Berghuis
– From the left side: Depay, Berghuis
– From the right side: Berghuis, Depay
Note on penalties: Depay has taken all the penalties for Netherlands the last years. Berghuis has taken many penalties for Feynoord in 2021 and 2020.
Penalties: Arnautovic, Sabitzer, Alaba
Direct freekicks: Alaba, Arnautovic
Indirect freekicks: Alaba, Schaub, Baumgartner
– From the left side: Alaba, Schaub, Baumgartner
– From the right side: Alaba, Baumgartner, Schaub
Note on penalties: Arnautovic has been first choice when he has played for Austria.
Sabitzer took a penalty for Austria against Norway in September 2020. He has also taken a couple of penalties for RB Leipzig this year. Alaba used to take penalties for Austria some years back.
Penalties: Yarmolenko, Zinchenko, Malinovskyi
Direct freekicks: Malinovskyi, Yarmolenko, Zinchenko
Indirect freekicks: Malinovskyi, Yarmolenko, Zinchenko
– From the left side: Malinovskyi, Yarmolenko, Karavaev, Shaparenko
– From the right side: Malinovskyi, Yarmolenko, Zinchenko
Note on penalties: In a friendly against Cyprus on 7.6.2021 Ukraine got two penalties, Yaramlenko scored the first and Zinchenko scored the second. Malinovskyi was on the pitch for both.
North Macedonia:
Penalties: Alioski, Trajkovski, Pandev
Direct freekicks: Bardhi, Trajkovski
Indirect freekicks: Bardhi (from left side) Alioski (from right side)
– From the left side: Bardhi, Alioski, Nikolov
– From the right side: Alioski, Bardhi, Nikolov
Group D
Penalties: Kane, Rashford, Sterling, Calvert Lewin
Direct freekicks: Kane, Foden, Rashford, Trippier
Indirect freekicks: Foden, Phillips, Trippier
– From the left side: Phillips, Foden, Trippier
– From the right side: Foden, Phillips, Trippier
Note on penalties: Kane is the first choice. Rashford, Sterling and Calvert Lewin have all scored penalties for England the last year when Kane has been absent.
Penalties: Modric, Perisic
Direct freekicks: Modric, Orsic
Indirect freekicks: Modric, Orsic
– From the left side: Modric, Orsic,
– From the right side: Modric, Orsic
Note on penalties: Modric is the first choice. Perisic has scored one penalty for Croatia back in October 2019.
Penalties: Christie
Direct freekicks: Robertson, Armstrong, Fraser, McTominay
Indirect freekicks: Robertson, Armstrong, Fraser
– From the left side: Robertson, Armstrong/Fraser
– From the right side: Robertson, Armstrong/Fraser
Note on penalties: Christie has scored two penalty goals for Scotland the last year. In the euro 2020 qualification playoff match against Serbia 12 Nov 2020, Griffiths, McGregor, McTominay, McBurnie and McLean were the penalty takers in the shootout.
Czech Republic
Penalties: Darida, Schick
Direct freekicks: Darida, Jankto
Indirect freekicks: Darida, Jankto
– From the left side: Darida, Jankto
– From the right side: Jankto, Darida
Note on penalties: Darida has scored a penalty for Czech Republic the last year. Schick scored a penalty back in 2019.
Group E
Penalties: Morata, Moreno
Direct freekicks: Koke, Ruiz
Indirect freekicks: Koke, Ruiz, Thiago
– From the left side: Koke, Ruiz, Thiago
– From the right side: Koke, Ruiz, Thiago
Note on penalties: Ramos has taken most of the penalties for Spain the last years. He is not in the squad for euro 2020. Morata scored a penalty back in 2019. Moreno has scored 12 penalties for Villareal this season. Moreno is an option if he is on the pitch, but we assume Morata is the first choice.
Penalties: Lewandowski, Milik
Direct freekicks: Zielinski, Lewandowski, Rybus
Indirect freekicks: Zielinski, Rybus
– From the left side: Zielinski, Rybus
– From the right side: Zielinski, Rybus
Penalties: Larsson, Forsberg, Granqvist.
Direct freekicks: Larsson, Forsberg
Indirect freekicks: Larsson, Forsberg. Augustinsson
– From the left side: Larsson, Forsberg
– From the right side: Larsson, Forsberg, Augustinsson
Penalties: Duda, Gregus
Direct freekicks: Mak, Duda, Suslov
Indirect freekicks: Mak, Duda, Suslov
– From the left side: Mak, Duda, Suslov
– From the right side: Mak, Duda, Suslov
Duda has taken some penalties for his club FC Koln in 2021. He is more likely to start over Gregus who has taken some penalties for Slovakia in the past. Therefore he is our first choice.
Group F
Penalties: Ronaldo, Fernandes
Direct freekicks: Ronaldo, Fernandes, B Silva
Indirect freekicks: Fernandes, B Silva, Moutinho
– From the left side: Fernandes, B Silva, Moutinho
– From the right side: Fernandes, B Silva, Moutinho
Penalties: Kroos, Gundogan
Direct freekicks: Kroos, Sane, Kimmich
Indirect freekicks: Kroos, Kimmich, Sane
– From the left side: Kroos, Sane, Kimmich
– From the right side: Kroos, Kimmich, Sane
Note on penalties: Gundogan took a penalty for Germany in March 2021 and back in 2019. Toni Kroos took a couple of penalties back in 2019. Both Gundogan and Kroos haven’t played together at the same time when Germany has been awarded a penalty. We assume Kroos is the first choice.
Penalties: Griezman, Mbappe, Benzema, Giroud
Direct freekicks: Griezman, Pogba
Indirect freekicks: Griezman, Pogba, Lemar, Digne
– From the left side: Griezman, Mbappe, Lemar, Digne
– From the right side: Griezman, Mbappe, Lemar, Digne
Note on penalties: Both Giroud and Griezman has taken penalties for France over the last years. We assume that there is a bigger chance of Griezman, Mbappe and Benzema starting ahead of Giroud, so we pick them in front of him. Benzema took a penalty (and missed) for France 02.06.21. But he could still be an option.
Penalties: A Szalai, R Sallai, Nikolics
Direct freekicks: R Sallai, Cseri, R Varga.
Indirect freekicks: Cseri, Gazdag
– From the left side: Cseri, Gazdag
– From the right side: Cseri, Gazdag