Guides on Captaincy and Substitutions EURO Fantasy


Unlike in Fantasy Premier League, you can change your captain during a round of fixtures.

Basically, if you’re unhappy with your captain’s points tally, you can switch to a player who is yet to play in the hope of getting a better score.

At the end of the round of fixtures, whoever is wearing your captain’s armband will have their points doubled.

So, it makes sense to captain a player that is playing on the first day of a round of fixtures. If you’re happy with his score, stick with him. If not, switch to somebody playing the second day, and so on.


You can also make substitutions during a round of fixtures.

Like with the captaincy, you can switch out players who have performed badly for those who are yet to play in the hope they will do better.

These substitutions cannot be reversed – meaning if your subbed-in player doesn’t play, he will not be automatically subbed out again.